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0.2㎡ Household Fruit and Vegetable Freeze Dryer Demand and Solution AnalysisFreeze Dryer0.2㎡ Household Fruit and Vegetable Freeze Dryer Demand and Solution Analysis

October 30, 2023

User needs

I want to make some dried fruits for my children at home, so that my children and I can eat freshly made dried fruits, which are both nutritious and delicious. So I want to buy a household freeze-drying machine from your company that can make dried fruits very conveniently. It can be used to make dried apples, dried bananas, dried mangoes, etc. The kitchen area at my home is not very large, so I need to buy a small freeze-drying machine, which can produce about 500g of dried fruit each time. My budget is about US$3,000-3,500. I usually don’t have much time, so I can’t follow the entire process of making dried fruits, so I need the freeze dryer to be very simple to operate, preferably with a one-button freeze-drying function.


Based on the user's situation, we recommend a fruit freeze-drying machine with a freeze-drying area of about 0.2㎡. It has the following characteristics:

  1. This model of fruit freeze dryer is small in size and very suitable for home use.
  2. Simple operation, one-button freeze-drying function, user-friendly menu settings, you can learn by following the instructions.
  3. The freeze-drying temperature and heating temperature are adjustable, and a variety of freeze-drying recipes for fruits and vegetables are preset.
  4. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion energy-saving technology and consumes little power.
  5. The selling price is also within the budget range and meets your budget needs.
  6. There are detailed paper operation instructions and operation videos to help users get started quickly.
    This household fruit and vegetable freeze-drying machine is simple to operate and economical. I believe it can bring more delicious dried fruits to children and help them grow healthier.
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