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Our products do not support online ordering and require communication with our staff. The general process is as follows:
1. Our team members will provide you with a list of equipment and a quotation based on your needs.
2. Sign the product purchase contract and have it signed and stamped by both parties. Then, the customer notifies the bank to make the advance payment to us.
3. After receiving the advance payment, we will arrange production according to the terms of the contract.
4. After the goods are produced, they will be transported to the port. Once the shipping company sets sail, they will provide us with the Bill of Lading.
5. We will send you a scanned copy of the Bill of Lading, at which point you can make the remaining payment to us. After we receive the payment, we will mail the Bill of Lading and other customs clearance documents to you via international express (approximately 7-10 days).
6. After receiving the original Bill of Lading and other customs clearance documents, wait for the goods to arrive at the port, handle customs clearance, and retrieve the goods.
If you do not find product parameters that suit you on the website, you can contact our staff, who will send you more suitable product recommendation information and related parameters based on your needs.
Generally, stand-alone products have been tested before leaving the factory. You only need to follow the instructions and use the video to operate. If it is a production line, we need to send staff for installation and debugging.
We provide detailed instruction manuals and operating videos for each product. Users can easily learn to use the equipment according to these tutorials.
The instruction manual will contain routine maintenance methods for the equipment, and users can just follow the instructions. Under normal maintenance, malfunctions generally do not occur. If an emergency fault occurs and the user cannot solve it by himself, you can contact our staff for troubleshooting.
We will upgrade the product control system from time to time, including a more friendly control interface and more dehydration formulas for fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Users can contact our staff for guidance on upgrading.
1. The material can be customized according to user needs.
2. Product appearance can be customized according to needs.
3. Add product functions according to users’ functional needs.
1. Installation and debugging services.
2. Operation training.
3. Equipment maintenance.
4. Equipment-related technical support.
5. 24/7 emergency service.
When a fault occurs due to improper operation of equipment, we will make an assessment based on the complexity of the fault. For simple faults, we will provide free remote guidance and troubleshooting. If the fault is more complex, we will dispatch engineers to troubleshoot the fault on site for the user, and the user needs to pay the relevant fees.
The product warranty period is one year except for wearing parts.
We typically support payment via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), which is a commonly used international payment method that is safe and reliable. It is also easy for customers to handle within their own countries. Generally, we receive the bank notification on the third day after the customer makes the payment. Once we receive the payment for the goods, we can arrange for production.
Firstly, we can confirm that we support payment by Letter of Credit. Since machinery and equipment are considered bulk goods, the Letter of Credit process is longer and the capital turnover is slower. Generally, we require a 30% advance payment to be made via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), and the remaining 70% can be paid using a Letter of Credit. Additionally, the terms we support for the Letter of Credit are irrevocable and at sight.
If there is stock in the factory, generally the goods can be shipped within 7-15 days after receiving the prepayment. If there is no stock, the shipping time will be determined based on the quantity of equipment in the order, and specific details need to be communicated with our staff.
Under normal circumstances, we recommend using sea freight, as the low price is its biggest advantage, and it is also the common choice of over 95% of our users. In special circumstances, some customers may request air freight or other modes of transportation.
In such cases, the probability is relatively low. If you are concerned about this happening, you can opt for CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), where we will take responsibility for the transportation costs and insurance fees, among others, up until the goods arrive at the user's port.
Shipping costs are determined by international trade terms.
FOB: All costs before the ship leaves our port are included in the quotation. Users need to pay sea freight to the freight forwarding company, and also need to pay related miscellaneous fees at their own country's ports.
CIF or CFR: All costs before the goods arrive at your own port are included in the quotation. The user only needs to handle the related miscellaneous charges at your own port. The CIF terms also include the insurance cost of the goods.
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