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Free food dehydration project design

We are committed to designing reasonable and complete food dehydration project plans for you that closely meet your needs. Enthusiasm and high-quality service are our basic qualities.

What is the use of food dehydration project design?

The food dehydration project design is a 3D engineering drawing of the entire production line designed by Joying Machinery based on the user's needs before the user purchases the entire set of equipment. This 3D engineering drawing will contain all the mechanical equipment used in the entire solution. Users can very intuitively see what specific equipment is included in the entire production line they purchase in the future, and how these equipments cooperate with each other. The entire production line What is the workflow like and how much area does the entire production line occupy? For a first-time user of these devices, this information cannot be expressed clearly in words and dialogue alone, and 3D engineering drawings are designed for this purpose.

Get 3D drawings like this for free

How To Get Free Project Design Solutions?

We are very sincere to every potential user, and we will not treat users differently based on the size of their food dehydration project. We will patiently communicate with users about project requirements to ensure that the next designed solution fully meets user requirements. We promise that every user can get free design solutions for food dehydration projects. Usually the design plan takes 2-3 working days, so please be patient and give us full understanding. If you want to get a free project design plan at this moment, go to the contact us page and submit your contact information, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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Communicate design steps and details

Foods that require dehydration

#1 Inform about foods that need to be dehydrated

First of all, we need to know what food needs to be dehydrated and how much moisture content needs to be controlled after dehydration. Different foods have different production processes and different choices of equipment. Food cleaning, cutting and other processing before dehydration require special mechanical equipment. The dehydration time and temperature set in the dehydration process also require knowing the characteristics of the food in advance. In addition, how to package food after dehydration also depends on the type of food.

#2 Arrange production lines according to demand

Now that we know your needs, we will submit the requirements to our technical team and let them be responsible for arranging the mechanical equipment host suitable for the needs and arranging the intermediate connected auxiliary equipment according to the operation of the host. After all this is done, we will send you the equipment list and quotation and communicate with you a second time to ensure that the solution meets your needs.
Production line arrangement
3D drawing design

#3 3D engineering drawings based on production line design projects

After the details are communicated, we will submit the results to our designer team and start using Solidworks to build the 3D engineering drawings of the project. This step takes about 2-3 working days. Subsequently, we will show the engineering drawings to the user in the form of pictures and conduct a third communication to ensure again that the production line meets the needs and is reasonably designed.

#4 Further communication and improvement of plan

When users get the 3D engineering drawings, they can intuitively see what the future production line will look like, and it is also easy to see some problems exposed in the process. At this time, users need to communicate with us for the fourth time to rectify the exposed problems one by one. Make sure that no problems will occur after the production line is put into production.
Signing a contract

#5 Determine plans and cooperation intentions

When all the details have been discussed, the project design phase comes to an end. Next, users can sign a production line ordering contract with us based on their own project progress. After receiving the advance payment, we will complete the production of the entire set of equipment on schedule with quality and quantity.
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