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Our Core Team Members

Joying Machinery's leadership team consists of experienced mechanical engineers and senior foreign trade managers. With its advanced mechanical design concepts and serious and responsible work spirit for overseas users, Joying Machinery has won the trust of users.


CEO Of Our Company And Factory
"Only experienced technicians can produce the best mechanical products."
David, who graduated with a major in mechanical design and manufacturing, serves as the CEO of the company and factory. He is outstanding in management capabilities and technology and is the core of the company and factory. He believes that no matter how good the technology is, it is meant to serve people, so he requires factories to keep user needs in mind when producing machinery and equipment, with the goal of safety, efficiency, and ease of use.

David is a very patient leader. Not only is he easy-going with his colleagues, but he also requires all employees in the company to be kind and patient with customers. He must carefully consider the needs of customers and treat customers' matters as their own.


Administrative Director
"Satisfying customers is our best strategy to win the market."
As the company's administrative director, Lisa is responsible for the company's operations and management, and is the main manager of the company's specific affairs. Not only is she serious and responsible at work, but she is also friendly to her colleagues and can easily deal with problems encountered in the company's management. In everyone's mind, she is a good leader with outstanding abilities and caring for her subordinates.

Lisa strongly agrees with the view that products are meant to serve people. Every time she holds a meeting, she will emphasize many times that products are for customers to improve production efficiency and earn more profits. She requires that customer needs must be met in design and production. She believes that only when customers are satisfied can the company win reputation, win the market, and achieve long-term and stable development.
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