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We are a factory with 20 years of food dehydrator manufacturing experience. We are well aware of customers' needs for product quality and functions, and we can provide you with professional and reliable food dehydration solutions to protect your business and production.
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Full service, easy to use

We provide comprehensive use training and detailed operation manuals to ensure that the equipment is easy to operate and easy to use. We also have a dedicated technical service team to help users solve any problems encountered in use.
"Great, after the patient guidance of the technical staff, my strawberry freeze dryer has successfully produced the first batch of freeze-dried strawberries."
Fruit Dehydration Plant - Egypt
"This chili dryer is so great, not only can I use it myself, saving costs, but I can also help others dry chili and make a profit from it."
Farmer - India
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Sustainable Development

We regularly release new products to meet the needs of more users, and constantly optimize and upgrade products to ensure that users can obtain the most advanced food dehydration solutions from us.
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Our Core Competence

We have leading food dehydration concept and advanced manufacturing process. From the purchase of raw materials to the completion of finished products, we always adhere to strict quality control to ensure that every piece of equipment can meet high standards. In terms of price, we always take small profits but quick turnover as our main business method, and adhere to the principle of win-win for all parties.
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