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Advantages and application analysis of freeze dryer technology

November 1, 2023

Advantages and applications

Freeze dryers are widely used in the food dehydration industry. Almost any imaginable fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood can be dehydrated with freeze dryers.

Freeze-drying technology utilizes the mutual conversion principle of water's gaseous, liquid and solid states. In a low-temperature vacuum environment, ice is directly vaporized to achieve the purpose of dehydration. Using freeze-drying technology to dehydrate food has the following advantages:

  1. It can be stored for a long time and can retain the original color, fragrance and nutrients of food to the maximum extent. It is the best food dehydration method at the moment.
  2. Freeze-drying is carried out in a low-temperature environment, so heat-sensitive substances such as proteins and microorganisms will not change or lose biological activity.
  3. The freeze dryer dehydrates food without affecting the shape and volume of the food, and maintains the original structure and shape of the food.
  4. The freeze-dried food has a sponge-like interior and can return to its original appearance when exposed to water.
  5. Since the entire dehydration process is carried out under vacuum, some easily oxidized foods avoid oxidation problems.
  6. The dehydration effect is good and can remove more than 95% of the water in food, greatly extending the shelf life of food.
  7. Since the frozen water exists in solid form, after direct gasification, the nutrients originally dissolved in the water are evenly retained in the food.
  8. The freeze-dried food has a crispy texture and is more popular among the public.

Based on the above advantages, freeze dryers are widely used. Freeze-dried fruits, vegetable packages, meat products and seafood are very common in large supermarkets. In addition, freeze dryers are often used in the medical industry and bioengineering industry.

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