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Bacon Jerky Dehydrator

Bacon Jerky DehydratorBacon Jerky DehydratorBacon Jerky DehydratorBacon Jerky Dehydrator
Bacon Jerky Dehydrator Bacon Jerky Dehydrator Bacon Jerky Dehydrator Bacon Jerky Dehydrator


  • High temperature drying room, high heat energy utilization, uniform drying and fast drying speed
  • Intelligent drying can be controlled in sections and the temperature is constant.
  • No manual supervision is required, saving production costs.
  • Not affected by weather and can operate 24 hours a day

Power: 3P/6P/10P/12P/15P/25P

The size of the drying room can be customized according to needs, generally within the range of 3-10 meters, which is a commonly used size. We accept customization of bacon jerky dehydrators of various sizes. You just need to tell us your needs.

Cleaning machine, cutting machine, weighing and packaging machine

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Bacon Jerky Dehydrator Description

The production process of dried bacon is generally divided into steps such as material selection, slicing, pickling, cleaning, drying, and packaging. Each link is closely related to the quality of dried bacon. Among them, the bacon jerky dehydrator is the most crucial equipment in the bacon jerky production process. The stability and dehydration efficiency of the bacon jerky dehydrator directly affect the quality and production cost of the bacon jerky.

dried bacon production process

According to the dehydration principle, there are generally three types of bacon drying dehydrators:

bacon heat pump drying room

This equipment can dehydrate processed bacon through hot air circulation drying. The advantages of this bacon drying and dehydration equipment are fast drying speed, high efficiency, better taste and flavor, and it is also suitable for large-scale production.

bacon dry vacuum dryer

You can tell from the device name. This kind of drying equipment places dried bacon in a vacuum environment for low-pressure dehydration. The advantage is that it can quickly discharge the moisture in the bacon and maintain the color, nutrition and taste of the product to the maximum extent. The dried bacon usually produced by this equipment has very low moisture content, and the market price of dried bacon is also higher.

bacon microwave dryer

The bacon drying microwave drying equipment uses microwaves to heat the bacon, causing the moisture in the bacon to evaporate to achieve the purpose of dehydrating the bacon. It has the advantages of fast drying speed and low energy consumption. However, the cost of microwave drying equipment for dried bacon is relatively high, and the technical requirements are also strict.

Users can contact us before purchasing equipment, and we will help you develop a reasonable equipment plan. It allows you to have a more complete understanding of the production of dried bacon and the operation of equipment faster. I believe that through our professional services, you can have a clearer understanding of equipment purchase.

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