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Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine, The Common Choice Of 3000+ Users

Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator MachineBest Beef Jerky Dehydrator MachineBest Beef Jerky Dehydrator MachineBest Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine
Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine


  • The top and bottom are heated evenly, and the beef jerky dehydration machine effect is better
  • Circulating hot air dehydration, fast drying speed
  • Temperature controllable, the beef jerky production process is more flexible
  • Dust-free closed drying ensures food hygiene and safety

Drying room size: 16m³ / 26m³ / 36m³ / 46m³
Heat pump model: 3P/6P/10P/12P

  • Size customization:  The size of the drying chamber and the number of heat pumps of the beef jerky dehydrator machine, as well as the material of the tray and the height of the tray intervals, can be customized according to the actual needs of the user.
  • Customization of insulation boards:  We usually use polyurethane insulation board materials, and we can also customize flame-retardant foam board insulation boards or thermal insulation cotton insulation boards according to user requirements.
  • Logo customization:  The words and logo patterns provided by the user can be sprayed onto the beef jerky dehydrator machine.

According to the process of beef jerky dehydrator machine, the auxiliary equipment required by users include: beef stripper or beef slicing machine, beef marinating machine, beef jerky dehydrator machine (beef jerky heat pump drying room), beef jerky packaging machine, etc.

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Best Beef Jerky Dehydrator Machine, The Common Choice Of 3000+ Users Description

The heat pump in the beef jerky drying room can generate clean hot air, which is evenly distributed by the fan to form a stable circulating hot air, which is blown directly on the processed beef to simulate the air-drying effect.

The beef jerky made with this equipment tastes the same as the beef jerky made by traditional technology. Compared with traditional methods, using a beef jerky drying room to produce beef jerky has the following advantages:

a. Beef jerky dehydration machine (beef jerky drying room) has fast drying speed and uniform drying. The beef jerky produced by this equipment is of high quality and low cost.

b. The entire drying room is a closed environment, and the hooks and other accessories that come into contact with the beef are all made of 304 stainless steel. The production environment is clean and hygienic, and food safety is more guaranteed.

c. The operation is simple, and the entire generation process can be completed by 1-2 people.

d. The output of beef jerky can be purchased according to the needs of users. Different models and sizes of beef jerky drying rooms are more convenient and flexible.

e. Compared with traditional drying methods, the beef jerky dehydrator generated by Joying Machinery uses heat pump drying technology, which uses energy more efficiently, reduces energy consumption, and reduces waste gas emissions, making it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

f. The beef jerky dehydrator can not only dehydrate beef, but also dehydrate other foods, such as dried fruits, dried vegetables, etc. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, and it is easy to achieve horizontal development of the industry.

When using it, you only need to hang the processed beef strips on the drying trolley, then send the trolley into the drying room, and finally set the temperature and time on the control touch screen of the beef jerky dehydrator. If the temperature needs to change midway, the temperature curve can also be set according to the change to achieve automatic temperature control.

In comparison, the beef jerky heat pump drying room is currently the best beef jerky dehydrator and is also the first choice of dehydration equipment for 80% of users.

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