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Case analysis of freeze-dried onion processing and exporters

November 2, 2023

User needs

I am in the vegetable processing and export business, and now I need a larger freeze-drying machine that can process and produce freeze-dried chopped onions. I hope that the onions freeze-dried by this freeze dryer will be very uniform and natural in color, free of adhesion, and clean and hygienic. The freeze dryer should be simple to operate, easy to clean and does not require much maintenance.

Case analysis of freeze-dried onion processing and exporters


Based on your requirements and production scale, we recommend a large onion freeze dryer for you.

  1. The maximum amount of fresh onions that this model of onion freeze-drying machine can freeze-dry at a time is about 1,000 kilograms. It can fully meet the supply needs of large-scale export trade.
  2. The freeze-drying machine is equipped with a precise temperature control system and a hot air circulation system that can accurately control the freezing temperature and duration to ensure that the freeze-dried chopped onions have a uniform and natural color, a complete appearance, and no adhesion.
  3. The control system adopts the most advanced intelligent control screen, which is simple and easy to operate and can easily reduce the moisture content of onions to about 5%. While ensuring product quality, production efficiency can be greatly improved and labor costs reduced.
  4. The freeze-drying machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safe and healthy.
  5. All freezing trays are made of high-quality aluminum design, which is convenient for freeze-drying chopped onions of various sizes, and is easy to transport and easy to clean.
    The above are the freeze dryer models recommended by Joying Machinery to meet your onion freeze dryer needs.
Case analysis of freeze-dried onion processing and exporters
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