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Case study of pepper dehydrator (conveyor belt pepper dryer)

October 28, 2023

User needs

I want to build a small chili processing plant, which mainly produces dehydrated chili products, such as dried chili, chili powder, crushed chili, etc. The main user group is nearby farmers. Currently, I need to purchase a continuous drying equipment to achieve low-temperature dehydration of peppers. There are many varieties of peppers that I need to dehydrate, and I have high requirements on the moisture content and color of the dried peppers. I plan to invest about $40,000 in purchasing a pepper dryer.


According to the user's pepper drying and dehydration needs, Joying Machinery recommends choosing a pepper conveyor belt dryer. The model is 2 meters wide, 10 meters long, and has 5 layers. This dryer has the following advantages:

  1. Multi-layer design, the dryer area is larger and the output is high, fully meeting the output demand.
  2. Use low-temperature hot air drying with a hot air temperature of 60-80°C. The dehydrated peppers will have a better color.
  3. The speed of the conveyor belt of the pepper dryer can be adjusted according to needs, and is suitable for multiple varieties of peppers.
  4. A variety of heat sources can be used for drying, and the cost can be minimized.
  5. The entire drying process is simple to operate and requires little manual involvement.
  6. The selling price is also within the user’s budget, so there is no pressure to buy.
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