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Commercial jackfruit drying machine

Commercial jackfruit drying machine 1Commercial jackfruit drying machine 2Commercial jackfruit drying machine 3Commercial jackfruit drying machine 4
Commercial jackfruit drying machine 1 Commercial jackfruit drying machine 2 Commercial jackfruit drying machine 3 Commercial jackfruit drying machine 4


  • Imported heat pump of famous brand, stable performance, and long service life.
  • Using flame-retardant insulation board, the drying chamber has no odor, and the drying effect is good and more energy-saving.
  • High-temperature and high-humidity resistant fan group, uniform and strong hot air.
  • PLC intelligent control system, which can automatically control the entire drying process, saving more labor.

According to the size of the drying chamber:

1.6 m³ / 3 m³ / 6 m³ / 12 m³

We have a professional R&D design team and an experienced production and manufacturing team, which can provide you with personalized customization services, such as trademarks, text, programming languages, etc. If you have any other special requirements, please contact us immediately.

The drying process of the commercial jackfruit drying machine is relatively long and belongs to intermittent drying. Therefore, there are not many auxiliary equipment required for the entire dehydration process of jackfruit. Generally, it is enough to purchase a jackfruit dryer and a jackfruit packer.

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Commercial jackfruit drying machine Description

Jackfruit is a popular tropical fruit with a large market, and its deep-processed products also have great potential. According to survey statistics, dried jackfruit occupies an important position in the deep-processed jackfruit food. The commercial jackfruit drying machine uses the heat pump and the circulating fan to generate circulating hot air, continuously blowing on the surface of the jackfruit, so that the moisture of the jackfruit continuously evaporates, thereby reducing the water content.

Jackfruit drying machine

During the processing of dried jackfruit, an efficient and high-quality jackfruit dryer has a significant impact on the taste and color of the dried jackfruit, which indirectly affects the price and profit of the dried jackfruit. The commercial jackfruit drying machine produced by our factory uses advanced heat pump drying technology (also known as air energy drying technology), providing the best solution for producing high-quality dried jackfruit. Generally speaking, the jackfruit drying machine has the following advantages:


The heat pump drying technology adopts the same principle as air conditioning refrigeration, both of which use compressors to compress the refrigerant. The difference is that the heat pump releases the heat absorbed by the refrigerant into the drying room, and then forms hot air by circulating the fan in the drying room. Compared with traditional drying methods, the heat pump drying room is more energy-efficient and can effectively reduce drying costs.

Free temperature control

The PLC control is adopted for the jackfruit dryer, and the temperature can be set according to user needs, and the temperature can also be controlled sectionally. This plays a decisive role in improving the quality of dried jackfruit.

Clean and hygienic

During the drying process of jackfruit, it is in a relatively closed environment, so the production of dried jackfruit is very clean and hygienic, more healthy to eat, and more recognized by buyers.

Safe and reliable

The insulation layer of the dryer adopts a flame-retardant material, which effectively prevents the occurrence of fires caused by mistakes during the production process. The fan used to generate circulating wind in the drying room also adopts a fan that is resistant to high temperatures and high humidity, providing reliable stability.


The jackfruit dryer can not only dry jackfruit, but also dry other fruits with this equipment, saving investment costs for users to expand products and markets.

jackfruit trays

In short, in terms of the quality of the jackfruit dryer, we are worthy of user trust. What we provide is not only equipment, but also a complete set of solutions and accumulated experience over the years.

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