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Demand analysis of dried ginger slices and dried ginger powder production plants

October 31, 2023

User needs

This is a food processing enterprise that mainly produces various types of ginger products. They hope to add two products: dried ginger slices and dried ginger powder. The raw material is fresh ginger, which requires cleaning, slicing, drying, grinding and other processes. The production requirement is to process about 2 tons of ginger per day. The customer required PLC automatic control and temperature control, required that the dried ginger slices be dried evenly without scorching, and the equipment was also required to be easy to clean and maintain.


According to the user's output needs, we recommend users to use a medium-sized conveyor belt dryer. The following is a detailed presentation of the plan:

  1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure hygiene and corrosion resistance.
  2. The conveyor belt dryer adopts PLC automatic control system, the conveyor belt speed is adjustable, and the temperature is automatically controlled by the system.
  3. The whole machine has multiple doors to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.
  4. Match the processing capacity of about 2 tons per day.
    The above solutions comprehensively consider the actual needs of users. On the basis of being efficient and easy to use, they also save a lot of labor and increase profit margins for users.
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