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Demand analysis of small and medium-sized strawberry freeze-drying machines

October 30, 2023

User needs

I set up a factory to produce freeze-dried strawberries, mainly selling dried strawberries to healthy snack stores in several nearby cities. I need to buy two fruit freeze-drying machines to make dried strawberries. My raw materials are freshly picked strawberries. I hope that the freeze-dried strawberries can retain their original color and nutrients. My capital budget is about 100,000 US dollars. In addition, the labor cost here is relatively high. I hope that the freeze dryer I purchase will be as simple to operate as possible and save electricity bills.


Based on user needs, Joying Machinery recommends a strawberry freeze-drying machine with a freeze-drying area of 10㎡. This model has the following advantages:

  1. Small size, small footprint, suitable for small factories.
  2. Due to the use of freeze-drying technology, which uses the principle of ice directly turning into a gas state, the freeze-dried dried strawberries retain their original color and at the same time minimize the loss of nutrients.
  3. Built-in moisture detection sensor can achieve precise control of freeze-drying time and ensure the freeze-drying effect of dried strawberries.
  4. The entire set of equipment adopts PLC automatic dehydration control. No professional skills are required, and new people can complete the control independently by guiding them through the operation once.
  5. The price is basically in line with the user's budget and is completely within the user's affordability.
    Based on the above advantages, we recommend small and medium-sized strawberry freeze-drying machines for you. If you buy two machines, you can also make two kinds of dried fruits at the same
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