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Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment

Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipmentFreeze dried ginger dehydration equipmentFreeze dried ginger dehydration equipmentFreeze dried ginger dehydration equipment
Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment


  • The freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment is equipped with a large freeze-drying warehouse, which has high production efficiency and can be produced in large quantities and continuously.
  • The freeze-drying program can be set with one click, and the freeze-drying temperature and vacuum degree are monitored throughout the entire process, making the operation more worry-free and convenient.
  • Rapidly freeze-drying in a low-temperature vacuum. After freeze-drying, the dried ginger slices remain unchanged in color, taste, shape, and almost no loss of nutrients. They can be restored to fresh ginger when soaked in water.
  • Freeze-dehydrated dried ginger slices do not contain any preservatives and can be sealed, stored and transported at room temperature for a long time.
  • The freeze-drying warehouse is made of 304 stainless steel, which has good sealing performance, is clean and hygienic, and is easy to clean and maintain.

We offer various models of freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment. The freeze drying area of household freeze-dried ginger dehydration equipment is about 0.08㎡-1㎡, and the freeze-drying area of commercial freeze-dried ginger dehydration equipment is 5㎡-150㎡. Refrigeration power is 0.35kw-180kw. Specific parameters can be designed and customized according to needs.

Professional production and processing requires professional equipment support. As an experienced freeze dried ginger equipment manufacturer, Joying Mochinery can provide freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment of different sizes and different powers. If special vacuum pressure and freezing temperature or logos and text are required, etc. Please tell us your requirements.

The auxiliary equipment of freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment includes:
Ginger cleaning machine, ginger slicing machine, automatic weighing bagging machine and vacuum sealing machine

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Freeze dried ginger dehydration equipment Description

Fresh ginger is usually stored refrigerated and can be stored for about half a year. Moreover, cold storage has relatively high requirements for storage temperature and humidity, and the storage cost is high. Using ginger freeze-drying technology to dehydrate ginger by freeze-drying can greatly extend the storage time of ginger. Freeze-dried ginger dehydration equipment uses low-temperature freezing and vacuum dehydration technology to produce dried ginger slices or dried ginger powder. Freeze-dried ginger slices can be stored at room temperature for more than one year using vacuum packaging, which greatly extends the storage time of ginger and reduces storage costs. In addition, freeze-dried ginger slices or freeze-dried ginger powder can be transported over long distances at room temperature, which also provides greater convenience for market development. When eating, freeze-dried ginger slices can be used directly for stewing, and can be restored to the state of fresh ginger when exposed to water. Freeze-dried ginger slices do not contain any additives and preservatives. Their taste and nutrition are no different from fresh ginger. They can completely replace fresh ginger slices. At present, the technology of freeze-dried ginger dehydration equipment is very mature and can realize automated mass production and greatly reduce production costs. The freeze-dried ginger dehydration equipment is easy to operate and is equipped with a mobile app, which can monitor the operating status of the equipment and remotely control the equipment at any time. After fresh ginger is harvested every year, it can be immediately freeze-dried and dehydrated, and vacuum packed for storage at room temperature. This storage method greatly saves refrigeration costs, extends the storage period, and further increases the economic value of ginger. Joying Machinery is a leader in the ginger dehydration equipment manufacturing industry and your most trustworthy partner.

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