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Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator

Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 1Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 2Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 3Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 4
Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 1 Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 2 Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 3 Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator 4


  • High Dehydration Efficiency: Using freeze-drying dehydration technology, the moisture content of rose petals can be reduced to less than 3%.
  • Precise Control: The freeze dried rose petals dehydrator is equipped with multiple sensors to precisely control temperature and humidity, ensuring stable quality of dried petals.
  • Preserving Original Appearance: Dehydration at low temperatures can effectively preserve the color and shape of the petals without alteration.
  • Easy Operation: The equipment is simple to operate, with the freeze-drying process controlled automatically by PLC, requiring no manual intervention.

The freeze dried rose petals dehydrator is categorized based on the total area of trays. Recommended models for dehydrating rose petals typically include: JFD-100, JFD-150, and JFD-200.

The freeze dried rose petals dehydrator generally offers several customization options:

  1. Material: Default is 304 stainless steel, but can be upgraded to other food-grade stainless steels.
  2. PLC: The control system's built-in language and company information can be customized.
  3. Appearance: Default is natural stainless steel color, but the exterior color can be changed according to requirements.

The processing of rose petals is quite comprehensive. Auxiliary equipment includes: rose petal elevator, air separator, vibrating screen, cleaning machine, air dryer, freeze dryer, packaging machine, etc.

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Freeze dried rose petals dehydrator Description

When it comes to process equipment for rose petal processing, the freeze dryer is undoubtedly a tool that attracts much attention. Let me take you deeper into this amazing device!

Advantages of freeze dryer:

The freeze dryer is an advanced flower processing equipment with many advantages:

  1. High efficiency and energy saving: It adopts advanced freeze-drying technology, which can quickly and efficiently remove the water from rose petals while maintaining the original color and shape of the petals, greatly saving energy and time costs.
  2. Maintain quality: During the dehydration process, the freeze dryer can maintain the fragrance, color and shape of the petals, making the processed rose petals more valuable for commercial application.
  3. Easy to operate: The operation interface of the freeze dryer is clear, concise and easy to master. It does not require much professional knowledge and skills, and ordinary operators can easily use it.
  4. Strong flexibility: Different models of freeze-drying machines are suitable for production scenarios of different scales and requirements, can meet the needs of various customers, and have strong adaptability.

Dehydration principle:

The dehydration principle of the freeze dryer is based on the mutual conversion of the three states of water: solid, liquid, and gaseous. First, place fresh rose petals in the freezing chamber of the freeze-drying machine, and then lower the temperature of the freezing chamber to bring the temperature of the freeze-drying chamber to below -35°C, so that the moisture in the petals gradually freezes into ice. Next, by extracting a vacuum operation, the pressure in the freeze-drying machine is reduced to the pressure required for solid ice to be directly vaporized, so that the ice on the surface of the petals is directly sublimated into water vapor, thereby achieving dehydration of rose petals. During the entire dehydration process, the control of temperature, humidity and vacuum is crucial, as they directly affect the effect and quality of petal dehydration.


The structure of a freeze dryer generally includes a processing chamber, water supply system, vacuum system, temperature control system, humidity control system and other parts. The processing chamber is the main place for petal dehydration. It has thermal insulation and sealing properties and can maintain a constant temperature and vacuum during the dehydration process. The vacuum system is responsible for reducing the pressure in the processing chamber and causing the water to sublime into water vapor. The temperature control system and humidity control system are used to control the temperature and humidity in the treatment room respectively to ensure the stability of the dehydration process.


The efficiency of a freeze dryer mainly depends on its processing capacity and processing speed. Different models of freeze-drying machines have different processing capabilities. The number of petals that can usually be processed ranges from hundreds to thousands of kilograms, while the processing speed depends on factors such as the size of the processing chamber and the power of the vacuum system. Generally speaking, freeze dryers are more efficient and can complete the dehydration of a large number of petals in a short period of time, saving customers time and costs.

how to use:

Rose petal processing using a freeze dryer usually includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation: Wash and process fresh rose petals to remove impurities and bad petals.
  2. Loading petals: Load the processed rose petals into the processing chamber of the freeze dryer.
  3. Start the equipment: Set the required parameters such as temperature, humidity, and vacuum, and start the freeze dryer.
  4. Monitor the process: Regularly check the temperature and humidity in the treatment room to ensure the stable progress of the dehydration process.
  5. Complete the work: When the petals are dehydrated, turn off the freeze-drying machine, take out the processed rose petals, package and store them.

When using the freeze dryer, you need to pay attention to safety and operating procedures to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a deeper understanding of the rose petal freeze dryer. This equipment can not only improve the efficiency and quality of rose petal processing, but also bring broader business opportunities and application prospects.

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