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Joying Machinery is a professional dehydrator manufacturer from China. The strawberry dehydrators we produce are divided into strawberry dryers and strawberry freeze dryers. You can choose different types of strawberry dehydrators such as large, medium and small. We also provide related auxiliary equipment for handling strawberries, which can help you increase production efficiency. Please contact us if necessary.

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Strawberry Dehydrator Video

If you want to know more about the strawberry dehydrator, you can go to our video channel to watch the strawberry dehydrator video, or you can contact us directly to get more strawberry dehydrator information.

Help You Better Understand Your Strawberry Dehydration Needs

We have made a general introduction to the strawberry dehydrator to help users understand its dehydration principles and how to choose a strawberry dehydrator that suits them. Users can choose according to their actual needs.

Dehydration Principle

There are two types of strawberry dehydration machines: strawberry freeze-drying machine and strawberry drying machine. The strawberry freeze-drying machine has the advantages of less nutritional loss, no shrinkage in appearance, and a taste close to fresh strawberries. The strawberry dryer has the advantages of low investment and fast dehydration.

Strawberry Dehydrator Model

Strawberry freeze-drying machines are divided into commercial and household types. The commercial freeze-drying area ranges from 3-200㎡, and the household freeze-drying area ranges from 0.2-1㎡. Strawberry dryers are mainly based on heat pump drying rooms, and the drying power ranges from 3P-12P.

Related Equipment Selection

Strawberry dehydration mainly consists of fruit selection, strawberry cleaning, strawberry slicing, strawberry dehydration, and finished product packaging. Among them, the dehydration link of the strawberry dehydrator is the most important link in the entire process, which determines the quality of the finished product.

Advantages And Value Analysis

The dried strawberries dehydrated by the strawberry dehydrator are bright in color, the shape and structure of the strawberries are almost unchanged, and the nutrients are lost less. The strawberry dehydrators produced by Joying Machinery mainly include heat pump drying rooms and strawberry freeze dryers.

User Needs Questionnaire

If you do not find information that meets your strawberry dehydration needs, please contact us in time and we will tailor a strawberry dehydration machine solution that meets your needs. 

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Dehydrated dried strawberries

Generally, strawberries have a very short shelf life and are not suitable for long-distance transportation. However, after the strawberries are dehydrated by a strawberry dehydrator, the strawberries can be made into dried strawberries. Not only is the loss of nutrients small, the color is not much different from fresh strawberries, but the dehydrated dried strawberries have a longer shelf life. Long-distance transportation is more convenient. In addition, the dehydrated strawberries can be further processed into small snacks, which are convenient to carry around.
strawberry dehydrator

Strawberry Dehydrator Reviews

The strawberry freeze-drying machine has good effect. The freeze-dried strawberries are bright in color and have a high degree of reduction when exposed to water.
David Wilson
David Wilson
The strawberry freeze-drying machine fits my needs perfectly and my customers speak highly of the dried strawberries I make.
Sarah Martinez
Sarah Martinez
What I bought is a strawberry dryer. The equipment is cost-effective, easy to use and worry-free. It also made me a lot of money.
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown

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