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Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine

Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 4Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 2Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 3Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 4
Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 4 Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 2 Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 3 Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine 4


  • Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine adopts advanced vacuum freeze-drying technology, with good dehydration effect.
  • Protect 95% of the nutritional ingredients from being lost.
  • The whole machine can operate automatically, with simple operation and high production efficiency.
  • There are various models in different sizes to meet the needs of customers with different production volumes.
  • It can be used alone or in combination with multiple machines, making it convenient for production line expansion.

The common models of Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine are as follows:
Model: JFD-100 / JFD-150 / JFD-200
Effective laying area: 100㎡-200㎡
Processing capacity per time: 1000kg-2000kg
Power: 140kw-220kw

The Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine is made of 304 stainless steel, fully compliant with food safety standards. Models made of 316S or higher grades of food-grade stainless steel can also be customized according to user requirements. The PLC control program can be modified to the specified language according to user needs.

When processing jackfruit, the flesh does not need to be washed, making the dehydration process simpler than other fruits and requiring fewer auxiliary equipment. In addition to the Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine, users only need to equip a Jackfruit quantitative packaging machine to achieve normal production.

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Best commercial Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine Description

Jackfruit has a sweet taste and is deeply loved by people. It is one of the fruits with high sales and high prices among tropical fruits. Not only that, jackfruit also has certain medicinal value. Eating jackfruit regularly can resist edema, reduce inflammation, and has a certain therapeutic effect on cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, jackfruit is also known as the "Queen of Tropical Fruits".

In addition to direct consumption, jackfruit can also be made into jackfruit fruit chips, which have a crispy texture and taste better than before processing. The Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine is a mechanical equipment specially designed to produce jackfruit fruit chips. Next, I will introduce this equipment from the four main factors affecting jackfruit dehydration.

1. Time:

Jackfruit has a high moisture content, and the density of jackfruit placement and the thickness of the flesh itself have a significant impact on dehydration time. The inside of the Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine is equipped with many trays, which can greatly expand the placement area. In addition, the dehydration process of the equipment has also been greatly adjusted, accelerating the direct vaporization rate of water inside the jackfruit and improving the dehydration efficiency.

2. Temperature:

The principle of Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration is based on the mutual transformation of water between solid, liquid and gas states. Jackfruit needs to be frozen to -40°C (-104°F) first, and then in a vacuum environment, the solid water inside the jackfruit can be directly vaporized to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

3. Processing capacity:

Generally speaking, about 8-10 kilograms of jackfruit can be placed on each square meter of tray, so users can choose the appropriate size of Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine according to their own needs.

4. Finished product quality:

After dehydration by the freeze-drying machine, the jackfruit is dehydrated in a frozen state, and the moisture content can generally reach within 3%. Therefore, the dehydrated flesh does not shrink, the flesh has a crispy texture, a unique taste, bright color, and almost all nutrients are retained.

If you want to learn more about the detailed information of the Jackfruit freeze-drying dehydration machine, you can directly contact us, and we will bring you more useful information.

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