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Medium-sized rose drying room

October 31, 2023

User needs

I am a food processing factory that processes and sells scented tea. Now I want to process and produce rose tea, so I need a medium-sized rose dryer. I hope that the dried roses will have uniform color, no fading, no scorching, and maintain original shape. Equipment should be easy to clean and maintain.


According to the characteristics of roses, we recommend a hot air circulation drying room with a temperature and humidity control system.

  1. This drying room is equipped with a PLC intelligent control system, which can set the temperature, humidity, wind force and drying time of the drying room according to the dehydration temperature requirements of roses to ensure that the dried roses are bright in color and not scorched. Can meet your dry flower color requirements.
  2. There are multiple layers of grids inside the equipment, and the roses can be placed directly on food-grade plastic trays to ensure that their appearance is not damaged.
  3. This medium-sized rose drying room can dry up to about 4,000 roses per day. The output is stable and not affected by external weather.
  4. The rose drying room is a closed operation, clean and hygienic, and the grid is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    This kind of rose drying room is very simple to operate and the drying effect is also very good. Can be used to dry various scented teas.
Medium-sized rose drying room
Medium-sized rose drying room
Medium-sized rose drying room
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