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Okra freeze-drying machine

Okra freeze-drying machine 1Okra freeze-drying machine 2Okra freeze-drying machine 3Okra freeze-drying machine 4
Okra freeze-drying machine 1 Okra freeze-drying machine 2 Okra freeze-drying machine 3 Okra freeze-drying machine 4


  • Low temperature freezing and dehydration technology.
  • The nutrients of okra are retained to the maximum extent, preparing for the next step of deep processing.
  • Set up fully automatic dehydration with one click.
  • The dehydration time can be adjusted according to the dehydration time required for different raw materials.

The most selected okra freeze-drying machine models:
Model: JFD-25/JFD-50/JFD-100
Okra display area: 25㎡ / 50㎡ / 100㎡
Loading weight: 250kg/500kg/1000kg

The okra freeze-drying machine is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, and the appearance also adopts the original metal color of 304 stainless steel. The material and appearance can be specially customized according to user needs. The language, logo, and company name in the PLC control panel can be changed according to user needs.

A complete freeze-dried okra production line generally includes okra washing machine, blanching machine, centrifuge, okra slicer, okra freeze-drying machine and weighing and packaging machine. Users can also add or remove auxiliary equipment according to their own processing procedures.

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Okra freeze-drying machine Description

The okra crisps produced by the okra freeze-drying machine have been very popular among buyers in recent years. It is currently the most popular okra dehydration equipment in the okra industry on the market. The moisture content of okra dehydrated using freeze-drying technology can be reduced to less than 5%, and it can be stored for a long time after vacuum packaging. Under normal circumstances, fresh okra tender fruits can be stored in a refrigerator at 0 to 5°C for 7 days, but can only be stored at room temperature for 2 to 3 days. In the high temperature environment in summer, the surface of okra is more prone to leather aging and spoilage. The best way to extend the storage time is to reduce the moisture content of okra as much as possible, and freeze-drying technology is undoubtedly the best choice. Also because the moisture content is very low, okra has a crispy texture after dehydration and its taste is much better than before dehydration. This is the main reason why it is so popular among buyers.

Okra freeze-drying machine 5
  1. Sorting and removing the stems: Select fresh, undamaged, disease-free and insect-free okra tender fruits in advance and remove the stems.
  2. Cleaning: Put the sorted okra into the cleaning equipment and clean it.
  3. Blanching: Then put the okra in hot water of 80-100 degrees and blanching for 1-5 minutes.
  4. Drying: Use a centrifuge to dry the blanched okra and let it cool.
  5. Dehydration: Finally, lay the okra flat on the tray, send it to the quick-freezing warehouse, freeze it at -35°C for 2-3 hours, and then send the okra to the dehydration bin of the okra freeze-drying machine, controlled by PLC screen to start the automatic dehydration process.
  6. Vacuum packaging: Okra after freeze-drying has low moisture content and is very easy to get damp. It is necessary to pack the dehydrated okra into sealed bags as soon as possible and store it in a cool and dry place.

After freeze-dried okra comes into contact with water, it can quickly return to the state before freeze-drying, maintaining its original nutrients, color and shape. This is an effect that other drying methods cannot achieve. In addition, freeze-dried okra is also widely used in medicine, biological products, chemical and food industries and other products. The added value of okra has been greatly improved after freeze-drying, providing more methods and ways for the time expansion and profit improvement of the okra processing industry.

The Joying Machine design team designed this okra freeze dryer based on the characteristics of okra. From the design and implementation of the dehydration process to the generation of mechanical equipment, we have closely followed the needs of users and strive for excellence. What we provide you is not just an okra freeze-drying machine, but an entire okra dehydration solution. If you would like more details on okra dehydration options, please contact us.

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