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Why will 80% of food processing plant owners rush into the freeze-dried food market in 2024?

March 21, 2024

Since the beginning of 2024, the market for freeze-drying machines in China has received a large number of orders. It is understood that most customers are food processors from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, who urgently need to order freeze-drying machines. Why are 80% of food processing plant owners investing in the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables market this year? Let's analyze in detail.

Freeze-dried fruits,Freeze-dried food

Market demand triggered by the upgrading of consumption concepts:

Due to the upgrade of consumer consumption concepts, more and more people are willing to buy healthy food. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables happen to meet the consumption concepts of green, nutritious, and convenient. Freeze-dried food is rapidly frozen at low temperatures, then heated and dried by radiant heat transfer under vacuum conditions to sublime the water in the food directly from solid to gas, dehydrating the food to create freeze-dried products. The foods that can be processed by freeze dryer mainly include fruits, vegetables, various meats, grains, eggs, milk, seafood, fast food, instant soup mix, seasonings, pet food, drugs, health food, and food ingredients, etc.The quality of frozen food surpasses products produced by other drying technologies and can meet consumers' year-round demand for seasonal products. It retains the original color, aroma, and shape of the food and preserves over 95% of the nutrients in the food. The value of freeze-dried food is much higher than food produced by other dehydration methods. Additionally, freeze-dried food can be stored at room temperature for over a year, contains no additives, does not shrink or oxidize, is easy to transport, convenient to carry, and has excellent rehydration properties. It is an ideal natural and hygienic food. Besides being used in homes and restaurants, it can also meet the needs of special groups such as the military, tourists, aerospace, and mountaineers.

As people's health awareness increases, freeze-dried food is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, it is easy to store and consume, and is also loved by office workers and the elderly. According to current trends, the global freeze-dried food industry is expected to reach its peak in the next 10 years.

Global freeze-dried food market data analysis:

Freeze-drying market global data statistics,Analysis of the freeze-dried food market

Frozen food appeared earlier in European and American countries, and Japan, and has been steadily developing. Currently, freeze-drying technology has entered a stage of vibrant globalization. According to statistical data from relevant departments, since 2021, the United States has consumed more than 6 million tons of freeze-dried food annually, Japan over 2 million tons, and France over 1.6 million tons. In the United States, freeze-dried food accounts for 40% of convenience food sales, and in European countries, freeze-dried coffee accounts for 40% to 70% of all instant coffee. In 2022, the global trade volume of frozen foods reached approximately 66.5 billion US dollars.

The latest report in 2023 indicates that Europe is still the largest market for freeze-dried food, with a market size of 26.78 billion US dollars. It is expected that the market will grow by an additional 10 billion US dollars by 2028, with an annual growth rate of 6.45%. The growth rates in North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa are also over 6%. The fastest-growing region is the Asia-Pacific region, with an astonishing annual growth rate of 9.2%. The report also points out that the global freeze-dried food market will experience explosive growth from 2024 to 2029, with an expected annual growth rate of 8.35%.

China's freeze-dried food market data analysis:

Market research data sheet

The freeze-dried food industry in Asia, represented by China, is also developing rapidly. China is a major producer of agricultural and sideline products, and freeze-dried food is an important way to increase the added value of agricultural products. According to statistics from relevant departments, in 2023, the online sales volume of China's freeze-dried food increased by 60% compared to 2021. Looking at the market size, China's freeze-dried food market is currently valued at 2.5 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by 2025, China's freeze-dried food production will reach over 150,000 tons, and the market size will reach 3.1 billion US dollars. According to predictions from relevant departments, China's market share of freeze-dried food may exceed 14 billion US dollars, providing vast development space.

Quickly layout the freeze-dried food industry to achieve a shortcut for enterprises:

With the continuous upgrade of consumption concepts, the production of freeze-dried foods is gradually shifting from simple freeze-drying towards more complex deep processing. Examples include freeze-dried instant soup packs, freeze-dried ready-to-eat lunches, freeze-dried compounded pet foods, pure natural health products, and even the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have introduced freeze-drying technology to some extent. Freeze-dried foods today are developing towards more functional directions, and in the future, there will be more new products made from freeze-dried foods.

At the same time, product upgrades are also raising higher demands for new equipment research and development by freeze-drying machine manufacturers. Joying Machinery is a professional manufacturer of freeze-drying machines from China. We have rich experience in the production of food dehydrators and freeze-drying machines. We have provided services for food processors in more than 20 countries around the world, helping them achieve product iteration upgrades and rapid profit growth. If you want to secure a place in the freeze-dried food industry in the next few years and quickly layout the industry, then Joying Machinery is undoubtedly your ideal partner. With our 20 years of experience in the production of food dehydration equipment and the ultimate pursuit of high efficiency and low energy consumption, we have the ability to provide you with a perfect freeze-dried food production project plan, to help you secure a foothold in the freeze-dried food market in the coming years.

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